Here at Cantec, we are committed to;

Conducting our operations in compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and community expectations;

Educating our employees and clients on their environmental responsibilities and ensuring that they are integrated into work practices, training, and decision making.

Identifying and managing the environmental risks within our operations and applying best practice principles to improve our impact on the environment;

Identifying opportunities to educate and promote environmental sustainability to our employees, contractors, and clients.

All the equipment we provide is manufactured to the highest standards of World class Manufacturing including Develop, UTAX, Canon and Konica-Minolta.

Our machines are manufactured with recycled plastics and materials where possible.

Blue Angel Award

Each machine is eco-labelled by the Blue Angel award. Machines are assessed individually and awarded the Blue Angel Award for minimal environmental impact, recyclability and low health risk. 

Another element of the Blue Angel Award is the energy rating, all units also hold the Energy Star award. This is based on the energy used (or efficiency and energy not wasted). New Fuser-type Technology with an instant heat feature to fuse toners reduces the time and energy needed to process a job. In fact, each of our machines save enough on Electricity per month to pay for their own rental cost.

For more information, please visit Blue Angel Award.

Print Audit



Print Audit develops print tracking, auditing software and hardware solutions that assist organisations in reducing both their environmental impact as well as their printing costs. Print Audit's products have proven to have substantial environmental benefits.

With the assistance of Print Audit, Print Audit customers have helped save over 90,000 trees every year - approximately enough trees to fill Central Park four times over!

Recycling & Reuse

HP's ‘Planet Partners’ recycling service provides an easy way to recycle HP products. HP's state-of-the-art program ensures that computer hardware, empty HP printing supplies and other items are recycled responsibly.

HP began recycling hardware in 1987 and recycled over 117,000 tonnes of hardware and cartridges last year alone. More than 75% of ink cartridges now contain content from "closed-loop" recycling process.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact us or visit HP's Return & Recycle.

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