Document Management

How Print Management can transform your business

Document Management systems allow companies to significantly reduce costs, improve document security and help your business meet its environmental goals.

The level of management your business requires depends on a few aspects; staff, print volume, your sector. Our team can audit your current processes and provide you with a tailored solution.

How Cantec’s Print Management works

Starting with a comprehensive analysis of your current print infrastructure, we will design and propose to you the appropriate document management system for your company. Document management works by monitoring your usage, allowing you to securely print through department access codes. It will enable you to print to the server, where you can print and collect your documents when it suits you, to any device that is available, saving you valuable time waiting and searching for documents. With secure printing, it also saves the potential of confidential documents being left unattended.
As well as being able to monitor department and individual usage, having your machine monitored also means that paired with a managed print service, we can provide preventative maintenance services and have your consumables replaced before they run out! This means less effort for your company and administration team in managing your devices.

Security and Software Considerations for Print Management

Document security needs vary greatly between different sectors so it is important to have an effective document management system in place. Without such systems in place, you are at risk of leaving confidential data unattended or in public access. Our team can discuss with you an appropriate solution to ensure you meet data protection laws and your company’s policies. Please contact us for more information.

Print Management solutions for different sectors

Document management in the education sector is designed to support high volumes of printing and scanning across a large fleet of machines. Our Document Management systems can accommodate for any number of machines on a server.

Education is similar to Large Enterprises and Government departments in terms of their number of machines, users and print volumes. Each Document Management system is tailored to the individual company with consideration to their policies and data protection requirements.

A Document Management system allows for a company of any size and volume to save time, money and enhance document security measures. Our team will be delighted to help you in discovering what a Document Management system can do for you.

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